Create Your

 Client Attracting 


Live 90-Minute Workshop

Pam Hamilton

Tuesday, January 17th @6:30PM Eastern

With Visibility Expert, Pam Hamilton

What You’ll Get From This Workshop

  • Gain Clarity On Who You Serve & How You Help:

You know how important it is to target the right prospect with your message. But, how clear are you really, about who you serve, what their problem is and how you help them solve it?

Until you have that information locked in you're just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks. Because the most effective marketing messages become part of the conversation already happening in your prospect's head . . . is that what your message does now?

  • Discover How Having The Right Message Makes Being Seen So Much Easier & Less Scary Too: 

For folks like you and me, visibility is about a whole lot more than marketing . . . it's about finding the courage to be seen. Because putting yourself out there in the world is scary. Especially when you're already struggling with a lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, or trying to break out of your introvert closet when you're rather be home, doing almost anything, than face another networking group.

But, the truth is, you don't have to be visible to the whole world; just the right people, the ones you want to serve.  And your message can help you make that happen. We'll talk more about this in the workshop.

  • Create A Unique Message That Works Just For You: 

A create your client message workshop, wouldn't be much of a workshop if we didn't actually craft a message now would it? So of course we're going to make sure we do exactly that.

I'll even provide prompts, examples and feedback to help you create a message that's truly unique to you.

  • Get Comfortable Sharing Your Message Out Loud: 

A message can look great on paper and yet totally suck when you say it out loud. So we're going to put our messages to the say it out loud test to make sure it works. And, practice sharing it with workshop participants because, it won't help to have a great message if you're afraid to share it.


For the incredible price of just $97. Includes the Client Attracting Message Planner, Access to the workshop and lifetime ownership of the workshop recording. 

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When you purchase you'll get immediate access to the message planner so you can begin working on your message. Then on January 17th at 6:30PM Eastern, we'll go live in the workshop and help you get your message crafted, tweaked and practiced!  

The Workshop is live and hands on. This is not a "webinar" It's a full on training to help you create a message that brings in the kind of clients you most want to serve.

So while there will be a recording and everyone who signs up will get a copy, you'll get the most out of it if you attend live.

Use The Planner To Get Started . . .

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Attract More Clients With New Message!

About Pam Hamilton

I show women solopreneurs and small business owners over 50 how to find the courage to be seen so they can increase their visibility, attract more of their ideal clients and grow a business they love.

                                                I USED TO BE INVISIBLE

I know first hand about being invisible, hiding in the shadows and playing small.  In fact, the most important thing I can say about myself is that I used to be invisible, now, I’m not. And becoming visible changed my life forever. I wrote a book about it called The Ten Principles of Visibility, (available on Amazon). Building visibility for myself and for, and in my business has allowed me to create the business and lifestyle I have always dreamed of.

Now I’m passionate about helping other women find their way to visibility too.

Are You Ready To Lock In Your Message? 

When you get your message right you can finally be seen by more of your ideal clients without the fear and overwhelm of putting yourself out there, or feeling like a fraud!I can't wait to share this training with you. Just click the button below to get started. As a participant of the Be Seen Visibility Bundle You Get It FREE

use coupon code: SEEN23

Purchase includes the Client Attracting Message Planner, Access to the Workshop and Lifetime access to the recording. For the incredible price of just $97.