Live the Life You've Imagined!

   Live By Design Workshop:

Make This Your Best Year Ever!

Unlock The Potential of your Dream Life & Business

Discover the Secrets to Achieving Your Biggest Life & Business Goals!

Ready to finally create the business and life of your dreams and make 2024 your best year ever?  How would you like the exact formula I used to finally get unstuck, become seen and begin making my dreams a reality?

Give me 2-4 hours daily for 3 short days and I’ll show you the exact action steps to begin living by design so you can manifest your own dream life … regardless of your personal circumstances or outside conditions.

Presented by Mindset & Visibility Expert, Pam Hamilton

Henry David Thoreau is often quoted for saying "go confidently in the direction of your dreams live the life you have imagined."

And yet so often we live our lives by default, never really taking the time to even determine what we really want, let alone setting  ourselves on the path to go after it. But, we can change that. 

This hands-on 3-day workshop will help you envision and literally create the life you've imagined for yourself .

You can attend from the comfort of your home or office. And, bring your team or family members 

  • Are you tired of feeling stuck in a job or business you're not passionate about?
  • Are you afraid to really go for your dreams? Or simply keep putting them off?
  • Do you fear the very idea of stepping out and letting your light shine?
  • Are you feeling unworthy of your dreams and goals?
  • Do you hold yourself back because of self-limiting blocks?
  • Have you made the same old same goals year after year without any success?

If you've found yourself saying "YES" to one or more of these questions . . . you need to attend this workshop.

The Most Important Thing I Can Tell You About Me  - Is That I Used To Be Invisible ...

I've been where you are. And I've said yes to all of those questions and more. Today,  I'm not.

Today, I'm a speaker, podcast host, author and coach on the topics of mindset and visibility and I'm serious about helping women business owners over 50 get past the mindset hurdles that keep them invisible and playing small.

Look, I know firsthand all about being invisible. It's something I struggled with for years and I share m story of overcoming invisibility in the best-selling book -"Get Past Your Sh*t" and the steps I took to get there in my book - "The Ten Principles of Visibility."

And, in this workshop I'm going to share the formula I used to finally take control of my destiny, and begin living by design so I could live my purpose out loud. 

Here's What’s Covered In The Workshop

And how it will help you make even your dreamiest life & business goals a reality:

✅ Day 1: Uncover your true passions and strengths to lay the foundation for the life and business success you truly desire. Discover simple ways to visualize your ideal life and how you can begin to immediately bring aspects of it into your current lifestyle.   

✅ Day 2: Learn to recognize your guiding voice, Increase your belief in your higher power, Discover how to create a support system and why you need one. Set and test the life you're dreaming of for authentency and determine the steps you will take to bring it into reality.  

✅ Day 3: Manage your fears so you can summon the courage to step into the life and business you've envisioned, discover how to overcome failure and disillusionment. And bridging the gap so you can manifest even your wildest dreams.  

This will be a 3-DAY LIVE INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP on Zoom! 
JANUARY 16th, 10am-1pm

17th & 18th 10am -2pm

Seated is limited because of the personal attention given to each attendee so grab your seat before it's sold out. 

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