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Let's Crush the Lies That Keep You Invisible and Playing Small!

   Are You Tired of Being Stuck Waiting For The Success Everyone Else Seems to Have?

Look, business isn’t fun when you’re stuck in place and watching others succeed from the sidelines. I get it. . . 

You can’t seem to catch a break. You’re doing all the “right” things. You’re networking with all the “right” people. Still, you have almost nothing to show for all your effort.

Are you mad? Are you frustrated? Are you ready for a change?

Please say yes!

I  Want You to Succeed!

My name is Pam Hamilton. And I've been where you are now. Heck, I used to be completely invisible!

I know how it feels to have beliefs that are keeping you away from your dreams, to be on the cusp of greatness only to find yourself sabotaging everything you worked so hard to create.

I spent years hiding in the shadows, afraid to let my light shine. But, I'm not there anymore.

Now a days I'm a bestselling author, speaker, mindset & visibility coach.

But first, I had to conquer my own self-limiting thoughts . . .

You see the reason you’re not successful isn’t because you’re dumb or you lack skills. It’s certainly isn’t because you’re unlucky or fate dealt you a bad hand. . .

This Is What’s Really Holding You Back

The real problem that keeps you stuck is your mindset. It’s the story you tell yourself that really determines whether you succeed or fail in business.

In other words, you’re not as successful as you want to be because you don’t believe you can be. Chances are you've embraced self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from that next level of success.

See if some of these thoughts sound familiar:

  • I don't have enough time to build my business.
  • I don't have the money I need to invest in my business.
  • There aren't enough people interested in my niche. So I can only grow so much.
  • The niche is too saturated. There's too much competition. I’ll just be adding to the noise.
  • Nobody wants to learn from me. I don’t have anything to offer.
  • I don't have enough experience, or credentials. I'm not good enough to do it for money.
  • The "Man" will never let me build a business like that.
  • I would never be accepted at . . .  

These are all common self-limiting beliefs! These lies keep you on the sidelines and at first, you may not mind this. (After all, the sidelines feel safe.)

But you can’t grow your business from the sidelines and you, beautiful Soul, are meant to shine!

Wouldn’t you like to join the party? Wouldn’t you like to see your business grow into something that brings you joy and creates real income too?

I know you want it and there’s really only one way to get there.

Challenge the Self-Limiting Beliefs that Are Keeping You from Success

If you’re ready to go all in and see real results, then there’s something crucial you have to do. You have to change your self-limiting beliefs. That means saying ‘no’ to lies like “there’s not enough time” or “my niche is too saturated”.

It means stepping up and challenging convictions you’ve held onto for most of your life. That’s some scary stuff. The alternative is continuing to spin your wheels and doubt yourself. (Let's not do that.)

Because I know you're ready, I want you to know you don’t have to do it alone.

You can change the way you think to break patterns that no longer serve you!

Having gone through the transformation to visibility myself, I know how powerful this change can be. But knowing is only half the battle. It's what you do next that matters.

You owe it to yourself to begin this transformative process in a supportive space . . .  that's why I created my self-study program -

Crushing The Lies That Keep You Invisible
& Playing Small In Your Business.

Inside the program, you’ll get an honest look at which lies are holding you back from the success you’re craving. You’ll discover how these self-limiting beliefs are formed and more importantly, you’ll see why these beliefs just aren’t true.

You see, this isn’t about just thinking “good” thoughts. That’s not enough. Crushing your self-limiting beliefs is all about reprogramming the messages you’re telling yourself. It’s about training your mind to believe that a great business and a great life are absolutely possible for you! And I add a great life, because those self-limiting beliefs rarely just affect one area. It's pervasive.

Once you understand that, you’ll become unstoppable. You’ll begin to see that success doesn’t come down to who has the best website, which social media networks you use, your gender, body size, skin color, who you know, or even how much your product costs.

Crushing Lies Will Create Powerful Possibility

Take me up on this offer and see what becomes possible. 

As you change your mindset and reprogram your thoughts, something powerful will happen for you. You’ll view yourself and your business differently. You’ll realize that you have the power to re-shape your story, speaking powerful words about yourself like this:

  • I have the skills and the smarts to run a successful business.
  • I am learning how to invest wisely in my business.
  • I choose to work on projects that energize and excite me.
  • I make good things happen in my business by making smart choices.
  • I am as successful as I believe I can be.

I truly want this for you. I want you to experience the same sense of power and abundant self-worth and confidence I've come to know. I want to help you get off the hamster wheel of failure and solidly on the road to success.

Level Up Your Business and Your Profits!

It’s time to stop hiding on the sidelines. You deserve to level up your business and earn more money than you ever thought possible.

Imagine your business six months from now. What results would you like to be seeing? Do you want to crack five figures a month? Be a sought-after speaker for industry events? Would you like to be launching products that your community will love?

That’s all possible…if you get serious about your mindset. When you change your mindset for the better, expect to see good changes in your life and in your business.

You can do this. I believe in you, and my self-study program can help you take the necessary steps to get you there.

 Here's What You'll 
      Get From The
   6-Module Program!

Six Modules Small Group Sessions.

Each week we'll do a deep dive, dissecting one of the big lies that holds you back from your success. Then we'll breakdown why it's not true and look at the ways it plays out in your life. 

We'll discuss how to recognize it when it's happening and things you can do to counteract it on the spot! Plus tools and strategies to help you stay on track and build a habit that can finally conquers that lie once and for all.

Module One:

Lie #1: I don’t have enough time.

Module Two:  

Lie #2: I don’t have enough money.

Module Three:

Lie #3: I’m not good enough.

Module Four: 

Lie #4: Nobody wants to learn from me.

Module Five:  

Lie #5: There are too many, or not enough people!

Module Six: 

Lie #6: They’re not going to accept me, because . . .


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I used to be invisible. Now, I'm not. I don't play small anymore, and you don't have to either.

Crush the lies holding you back!

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Lets Crush The Lies Keeping You Invisible And Playing Small!


What an amazing course! Topics covered were right on target for what I needed to work on for my new online business. Starting out with not much money to invest, I found out new ways to work my business while trying to maintain a positive attitude for these 6 weeks of coaching. I was playing small and not understanding what being visible was all about. Recognizing that I was good enough to have success in my life and learning how to let go of past business failures and my fears, kept me attending this course.  Thank you, Pam, I deeply appreciate your “down to earth approach” too, when I needed it the most.

Gladys Miller - Online Shop Owner

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