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They're ready to talk about specific aspects of the business profit equation and share tips and their expert guidance on how it shows up in their business. They'll talk about what works right now . . . in 2021 and how it's helped grow their busineses .  . .

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Are you wondering what this "Business Profit Equation," is all about?  
It's really simple . . .

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about running a business you love can be organized under three key areas.  


That's why my equation was born.

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Featured Guests Include

Tishia Lee

Talks Body Positivity: Don't let your body size or looks get in the way of putting yourself out there and being visible.

Dr. Toscha Dickerson

The importance of self-discovery and how it helps in being visible.

Maruxa Murphy

Building Profitable Facebook Groups

Candice L. Davis

5 ways your book can help you get more visibility and earn more money.

Jennifer Burke

Using the Power of Events + Other People's Communities to Build Your List.

Tameaka Shelton

"Human Resources" and other crucial Insights for adding that additional person to your team!

Danny Iny

What I've Learned On The Way To Building A Multi-Seven Figure Business

Kelly McCausey

Building An Evergreen Banner Message

I Learned So Much Of This Stuff The Hard Way.  Now . . . You Don't Have To!

When you attend the Business Profit Equation Virtual Summit, Volume 2, You get the benefit of learning how to apply these principals in your own business. And, you get to do it from the comfort of your own home!

I'm thrilled to be bringing this amazing group together for your benefit.

I look forward to seeing the amazing things you bring into fruition! 

Pam Hamilton

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