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It's a new year. . . a fresh start, and you've got plans!

If you're like many entrepreneurs you've probably heard the saying "a goal without a deadline is just a dream" You may have even said it yourself. . .  But, do those goal lists of tasks, objectives and deadlines really inspire you to go after your dream, or does this list usually end up tucked away in a desk drawer, or disk drive?  

Discover a better way to record your goals. One that will keep them front and center and inspire you to reach towards them everyday!


The Achieve Your Big Audacious Goals
Vision Board Workshop

I Know You Want To Meet Your Goals This Year . . .

Let me ask you a question, just between us; are this year's goals the same as they were last year? And the year before that?

How's that working out for you?

The truth is, it's time to shake that the heck up! It's time to set some big hairy goals that wake you up and maybe even scare you just a little, because you want it so bad it makes you tremble!  

Those are the kind of goals that get under your skin because you can FEEL THEM! There's an emotional connection. And that makes all the difference.

And, a good Vision Board captures that emotion and helps you remember it and keep it at the forefront of your mind.

Have You Ever Heard Of A Little Book Or A Movie
Called The Secret? 

That which we focus on we attract more of

Have you ever noticed how when you get a car you like, suddenly you start seeing that same car everywhere? Your emotional connection and attention to that car attracts more of it into your life. That was one of the key takeaways from the best selling book The Secret

We turn our noses up at goals without deadlines as being just a dream. But sometimes dreaming is what we really need to see our goals clearly and create the path to get there. And that’s what vision boards are all about. Dreaming. They give you the you the creativity to let your dreams grow.

When we are kids we dream and use our imagination all the time. But, often as adults we put those tools away. Yet, when we allow ourselves the opportunity to dream about the life we want for ourselves we can skip the inner critic that tells us what we truly want isn't realistic. We can visualize it and get really clear about the things we want. And, KNOWING what you REALLY want is the beginning of bringing it to life.  

When you take this workshop you'll create a vision board that will help you tap into the power of visualization. You'll be able to see and feel what it'll be like when you've achieved your goal. And, you'll be proud to hang your work of art in a prominent place where you'll see it daily. It will prime you for success. That’s the real power of a vision board. And, you'll get to attend the workshop right in the comfort of your own home.

This Workshop Is Brought To You By:

Pam Hamilton

We're thrilled to be working together to bring you this awesome workshop!  We had so much fun putting it together for you.  Let this be the year you crush your goals and manifest your dreams!

We both know the power of visualization and dreams to help you create the life you have imagined for yourself. The one you pictured when you decided to become an entrepreneur and take charge of your own financial destiny.

You probably already know all about setting S.M.A.R.T goals, writing them down and even how important it is to take action. But, looking at the words "vacation in Jamaica" doesn't invoke the feeling and excitement of looking at a picture of a beach in Jamaica at sunrise, watching the sun peek over the horizon just behind the trees bordering the ocean.

That picture lets you visualize BEING there. And it puts your subconscious mind to work to help you make it real.

That's why we want to bring you this workshop. We want to help you see what it will feel like when you've accomplished the goal.  And then document it on a beautiful vision board so you can relive that moment again and again until it arrives.    

The workshop will be presented over two sessions

Session one, March 2nd:  In the first session we will clarify what a vision board is, and how it works; the materials needed to create one and how to use it once it's done. We'll also share some vision board samples and talk about how it was created. Then using a combination of self-reflection and visualization exercises you'll get clear on your big heartfelt goals. The ones you're usually afraid to say out loud. Once you've locked in on your goals you'll work backwards to determine a path from here to where you want to be. You will leave with a crystal clear idea of your goals, a workbook that documents your process for achieving those goals, a materials list for the next session, and printable artwork created just for this workshop that can you use on your vision board. 

Session two, March 9th: We're going to have a virtual vision board making party.  Bring your materials and light refreshments! We'll gather on Zoom and actually create our boards. The Zoom room will stay open for questions, general discussion, laughter and board show-offs for anyone that wants to share. There will also be hourly check-ins for those that want to work away from the camera and still have the accountability and focus a group offers. 

Your Investment In This Workshop Is only $67.00

We think the investment in yourself to take this workshop is a drop in the bucket compared to the value you'll get out of it.

Honestly, what would it be worth to you to finally get that breakthrough you've been hoping and wishing for; to finally reach that goal you've been afraid to even talk about? A vision board can help you get there. And, we want to help you create yours and show you how to use it.

But, if you don't agree, no worries. We offer a 10-day money back guarantee. Just request a refund and we'll cheerfully send your money back.

*Important: Materials are not included. A materials list, suppliers and goal setting workbook will be provided when you sign-up for the workshop and again at session one for those need it. 

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March 2nd & 9th
 2:30 - 7:00 pm

* All Times Eastern 

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