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Here's What You'll Discover Inside The Workbook

  • Identifying Your Personal Story
  • Ways to Start Changing Your Self-talk
  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries
  •  . . . And Much More

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Ten Principles Of Visibility

Meet The Author . . .

Pam Hamilton is a mindset and visibility expert who's serious about helping women business owners over 50 get past the mindset hurdles that keep them invisible and playing small. 

Pam, knows firsthand all about being invisible. it's something she struggled with for years. 

She's proud to share her story of overcoming invisibility in the best-selling book -"Get Past Your Sh*t" and the steps she took to get there in her newest book - "The Ten Principles of Visibility"
Becoming visible and being able to work with her clients as her authentic self changed her life for the better, not just in business, but in all her relationships with others and most importantly with herself.

When she's not working in or on her business, Pam loves reading, movies, music, good food and practicing martial arts.