Have You Heard The Things You're
Saying To Yourself?

We all engage in self-talk. Those dialogues with ourselves are the most important conversations we have all day!  They shape the way we see the world and most importantly, how we see ourselves. And yet we rarely even stop to listen . . .

Do you know what stories you're telling on yourself? Are they supporting the you, you want to be?

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What they say

Pam helped me to be willing to put my face and my name on camera.  Now I am more confident when being online with Zoom sessions.

Fran Watson  - Career Success Coach

Thanks so much, Pam Hamilton! I learned some key visibility strategies from your course. You're a leader in paving a way for people to show up. Appreciating you...

Emma Laurence, CLC - Burnout Coach

Today was phenomenal! I don’t find it easy to sit for extended periods of time and be focused so, I’ll be honest, I was nervous. But Day 1 was exactly what I needed in this moment. . .and this was the first time it was presented in a way that I could simply do and believe I’d refer back to them. Looking forward to tomorrow. 

Michelle Garrett - Divas With A Purpose

There's Serious Benefits
To Better Self-Talk!

More than your environment, more than the conditions and circumstances of your life, your mindset determines the flow and character of your life.

The good news is that you're shaping your mindset daily.

Those conversations you have with yourself each day, the actions you take, the thoughts you run on repeat . . . they all play a huge part in forming your mindset.

By listening and tracking them, we can take steps to change. We can learn to manage our mindset better and use it as a tool to help create the life we truly desire.

This Self-Talk Tracker is a great first step to the transformation you've been looking for.

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Uncover Limiting Self-Talk

Often we're saying things to ourselves that limit our success and it's become so automatic, we don't even realize we're saying it. This self-talk tracker will help you uncover this limiting language so you can begin to remove it from your internal dialogue.

Challenge Old Stories That No Longer Serve You 

Are you telling yourself stories that are no longer true, or that no longer serve the purpose they were created for? Your self-talk tracker will help you be able to recognize and challenge these stories. 

Create New Positive Narratives 

Eliminate the limiting language that kept you stuck. And create new positive language that supports your goals and desires so you can live a life you love. 

Develop A Positive Mindset 

Develop a mindset and attitudes that support your goals and in building a life that sparks joy.

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