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Privacy Policy

I have a newsletter mailing list. And, I may later develop an affiliate mailing list. I have a contact form on the site where you may choose to correspond with me. And, I offer products and services.

If you provide me with your name and email address, for any of the above purposes, you are granting me, and my affiliated companies, the right to communicate with you by email. Specifically, I can use that information to carry out whatever the purposes were you provided it for.

I may also use a third-party company, employee, or contractor to provide that communication and/or service for me. (For example payment processors, virtual assistants, autoresponder services, or shipping companies.  Any third-party companies used by me or my companies will be held to the same standard of confidentiality as I am.

I do NOT sell, rent or otherwise share your information except in the following circumstances:

  • Where compelled by law under a valid subpoena, or court order, and then only to the extent required.
  • To protect life or proprietary property from illegal acts by you.
  • If I sell my company, or a part of the company. I will share the relevant email list. You will be notified of the transaction and may choose to subscribe.


You may request a refund on any product or service you purchase at Building Visibility within 7 days from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated on the sales page. I will honor all refund requests made during the refund period. Refund requests can be made by using the contact form on the site.

Affiliate Disclosure

I make recommendations for books, music and other products and services. Often the link that I provide is an affiliate link. While this does not affect the price you pay, I will receive a commission when you purchase through that link. I only make recommendations for products and services that I use, or that are from people that I know are reputable and stand behind what they offer.

Information Disclaimer

All information provided on my sites, in my books, membership areas and/or coaching programs are designed for general information only. Nothing presented on my sites should be interpreted to be formal legal advice, or to have formed an attorney /client relationship between us. Neither I, my company nor affiliates will be liable for any losses that may occur from your use of the information provided on the sites.

Earnings Disclaimer – For Coaching, Workshops and Self-Study Products

I stand behind my products and services. I make every effort to represent what I am offering accurately and to ensure the info provided is up-to-date at the time of printing or sharing it with you at live events. However, I can’t guarantee or warrant that you will make any money using the advice offered. Your earning potential is solely up to you and what you do with the materials you’re given access to. Your sole remedy, if you are dissatisfied with a product or service I’ve offered is to request a refund within the allotted time-frame.

Contact Info:

You can contact me using the form on the site. Or by using the information below.
* Please use the site form for refund requests.

Pam Hamilton

Phone:      315 636-0852
Address:   P.O. Box 385 Utica, NY 13503


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