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My name is Pam Hamilton, I am a mindset and visibility coach, author and speaker.

I show impact-driven women solopreneurs and small business owners over 50 how to find the courage to be seen so they can increase their visibility, attract more of their ideal clients and grow a business they love.

I Used To Be Invisible

I know first hand about being invisible, hiding in the shadows and playing small. And I can say for sure that visibility isn't just about marketing . . . It's about finding the courage to be seen.

In fact, the most important thing I can say about myself is that I used to be invisible, now, I’m not. And becoming visible changed my life forever. I wrote a book about it called The Ten Principles of Visibility, (available on Amazon). Building visibility for myself and for, and in my business has allowed me to create the business and lifestyle I have always dreamed of.

Now I’m passionate about helping other women find their way to visibility too.

Results From Working With Me
  • Some of the women I’ve worked with went from being fearful and uncomfortable on camera to having the confidence to use their name and show-up on camera in Zoom meetings and to even do Livestreaming on places like Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

  • Others have become more comfortable in owning their expert status and helping their clients without feeling like a fraud, even when they don't have all the answers.

  • And, some have simply felt the weight of invisibility and struggling to be heard, finally being lifted off their shoulders as they have learned to love and accept themselves as they are.

  • One even accepted an Area Directorship for Toastmasters

And, in every case, that meant finally being able to increase their visibility and attract more of their ideal clients.

Because finding the courage to be seen is not about changing who you are . . . it’s about being brave enough to accept yourself as is, and knowing that you are perfectly imperfect just as you are in this moment!

And Mindset Matters

I know this because I’m actually proof positive it works! I unconsciously chose invisibility at the ripe old age of nine years old. And, the consequences of that invisibility were much more than my nine year old self could have understood.

I hid because I believed I was an abomination, a monster and had to hide the secret of my true identity from the world. But, in doing so, I accepted the lie of my unworthiness. I trained my mindset to view me negatively and judge me harshly in everything. I lived my life, first in fear of being found out and then just in fear, long after the habit had ceased to serve me.

Thankfully, an epiphany helped me have a major mindset shift and to relearn to love myself. It allowed me to get back to my authentic self. Today, I can tell my nine year old self you are not an abomination, you’re loved. It’s time to step into the light. You don’t have to be a secret anymore.

And, I want you to know there's hope, power and joy ahead, standing in the light. And, I would love to help you get there…

On A Personal Note . . .

When I’m not working in or on my business, I enjoy reading, especially sci-fi and fantasy books - including anything by Robin Hobb, binge watching “Agents of Shield”, movies, music, good gluten-free food and practicing martial arts, especially Tai Chi and Wing Chun.

I’m also a wife and very proud mother of a grown son who’s currently working on his own entrepreneurial dream.

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I would love to share a talk I did on my journey to visibility. It was the keynote talk from one of my virtual summits and I think you'll get a lot out of it for your own journey to visibility. Just click here to get immediate access. No opt-in required!

I also offer lots of content on my blog, as well as books, courses and workshops to help you on your journey to visibility.

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