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Meet Pam Hamilton

Mindset & Visibility Expert

Hey there! I’m Pam Hamilton and this is the place where I try to tell you all the stuff YOU want to know about. Like who I am and what this site is all about, why it even exists in the first place, and most of all – if I might be the one who can help you. 

And, with that last thought in mind, probably, the most important thing I can tell you about me, is that: 

I used to be invisible.  Now, I'm not. 

I share that with you to say, I know first hand about being invisible, hiding in the shadows and playing small. And I can say for sure that visibility isn’t just about marketing.

It’s about finding the courage to be seen.

Finding that courage and becoming visible changed my life forever. It’s allowed me to create the business and lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.  

I’ve written about my journey to visibility and the principles that helped me get there in my book “The Ten Principles of Visibility” and as a co-author of the book “Get Past Your Sh*t”

And I want to let you in on a little secret. True visibility starts with learning to love and accept yourself unconditionally.  It’s built from the inside out.

How I Chose Invisibility And Why I'm Passionate About Helping You Become Seen

I unconsciously chose invisibility at the ripe old age of nine years old when I realized that I liked girls -and society said I wasn’t supposed too.  But, the consequences of that invisibility were much more than my nine year old self could have understood.

I hid because I didn’t know anybody like me. For the longest time I didn’t even have a name for what I felt.  When I did, I hid because my pastor had said people like me were “an abomination”, and I believed him. So I prayed daily for change, while trying to hide the secret of my true identity from the world. But, in doing so, I accepted the lie of my unworthiness. I trained my mindset to view me negatively and judge me harshly in everything.  And, I lived my life, first in fear of being found out and then just in fear, long after the habit had ceased to serve me.

Thankfully, an epiphany helped me have a major mindset shift and to rediscover how to love myself. It allowed me to get back to my authentic self. Today, I can tell my nine year old self you are not an abomination, you’re loved. It’s time to step into the light. You don’t have to be a secret anymore.

You see, what I discovered on my journey to becoming seen, is that how you feel about you, affects how you show up in the world, and by extension, how other people see you.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping other women find their way to visibility too!

“Pam helped me to be willing to put my face and my name on camera.  Now I am more confident when being online with Zoom sessions.” Fran Watson,


– Fran Watson,
Career Success Coach

I See You

We all have different reasons for why we feel invisible. . . You may have chosen invisibility because you felt “other than” or “not enough.”

You may feel like invisibility has been forced on you because of your race, gender, age, size, religion, language, sexual preference or gender identity .  

Or maybe you have struggled with all of that . . .

If you sitting there saying “YES!” If you can identify with what I’m saying here – I want you to know I See You! You are not alone. And, you are loved, even if you can’t believe that right now. 

As a sixty-plus, socially awkward feeling, fat, gay, black woman raised in the church, who laughs too loud, and talks too much . . . I can honestly say, I’ve been where you are. And, I can promise you there is hope, power and joy ahead, standing in the light. 

Because finding the courage to be seen is not about changing who you are . . . it’s about being brave enough to accept yourself as is, 

and knowing that you are perfectly imperfect just as you are in this moment!

That’s what I help you do. I use the tools, strategies and wisdom gathered on my own journey, to help you on yours. I help you learn to love you; to get clear on what you want to say, and be more comfortable in your own skin. So you can increase your visibility your way, attract more of your Ideal clients, and grow a business and life you love. 

A Few Other Things About Me

My favorite beverages are water and tea, in that order. 😋

I’m mom to a wonderful young man that makes me proud to be his mother everyday; wife to a beautiful woman I adore, and who happens to also be my best friend; and daughter to an amazing woman I get to call my mom. 

When I’m not working in, or on my business, I enjoy reading books on spirituality, self-development, biographies, fantasy and science fiction – including anything by Robin Hobbs. Binge watching Agents of Shield, (I’ve literally watched the whole 7-season series from end to end at least 5 times). I also love watching talent shows like AGT, American Idol and the Voice, eating really good gluten free food, checking out good movies, working on any kind of puzzle – especially Sudoku. And practicing Tai Chi and Wing Chun martial arts.

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