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Coaching Special

I've been an attorney for over 27 years . . . But I realized what I loved most about working with my clients wasn't the legal work. It was helping them dig into and get past the real hurdles holding them back from reaching their dreams . . . their mindset and internal baggage.

It was about the coaching!

However, in building out my new revamped coaching website, it dawned on me that I haven't been as proactive about collecting testimonials about my coaching as I could have been. 

Now you get to benefit from my mistake

For a limited time I’m offering a full Mindset & Visibility coaching session for only $27. That's not a misprint!  What I ask in return is that you can book and complete the call within the next two weeks and agree to complete a feedback form after our call.

Here's What You Can Expect During Our Time Together . . .

  • We will have a full 60-minute session.

  • During that period we will identify the mindset trap that is most actively holding you back and limiting your visibility.

  • We will determine how it's presenting in your life and what triggers it in the first place. 

  • Then we'll look at ways for you to recognize it coming on and work around it in the short-term

  • And finally develop a strategy you can begin to implement toward a long-term solution. 

Sound Good To You?

Just click here to complete the quick interest form so we can get started!