Podcast Album Cover: Picture of Host Mindset & Visibility Coach Pam Hamilton with a microphone and the title of the podcast below the image.

Introducing "Becoming Seen" the podcast where we explore the art & science of creating authentic visibility. So you can find the courage to be seen, in order to confidently increase your visibility, attract more of your ideal clients and grow a business (and life) you love. With your host, Mindset & Visibility Expert, Pam Hamilton.

Join Pam each week as she shares insights, strategies and practical ideas gleaned from her book "The Ten Principles of Visibility" and her own 60 plus years of lived experience to help you find the courage to be seen. If you're ready to finally share your message - The one that comes from the very core of who you are and will make an impact for good in the world, you won't want to miss an episode.

Visit the show website for show notes and more: www.BecomingSeen.com

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