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The Accountability Club

I want to keep this

short and simple

 You have great ideas . . . and you want to see them implemented and out in the world.

But, sometimes . . . let's just call it "stick-to-it-ness," can be a problem. It's easy to get distracted, or just procrastinate when you're working for yourself, especially from home.

 And, sometimes it just gets lonely doesn't it?

Introducing the Accountability Club

It's a simple low tech way to help resolve those problems. The club is a Quarterly Accountability Program that runs for 90-days at a time on a rolling basis

Here's What's Included:
  • An Initial one-on-one session at the beginning of each quarter.  We'll get together in my Zoom room and layout and clarify your goals, measurable objectives & milestones for the quarter so you have an action plan to work from.

  • Multiple co-working sessions each week at different times so members could choose to hop on any one, or all of them to work on their projects and tasks together alone. 

  • Weekly Office hours where members can come and get up to 15 minutes to ask a question and get help if they get stuck somewhere.

  •  Access to ongoing Weekly Mastermind meetings to deal with any mindset issues getting in the way of moving forward.

  • Accountability partner matching

  • And, last but not least, a private forum on Signal where members can communicate with each other, share posts and ask questions right from their cell phone.
Already Know You're Interested?

Only $197.00 for the full quarter 
(Or 3 Payments of $100 per month)

Plus when you sign-up now you get December added at NO Extra Cost, so you can go hit the ground running for the first quarter of the New Year!    

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question: When will the weekly mastermind meet?

    Answer: There will be two sessions per week.

    (Thursday @3pm EST and Wednesdays @6:30pm EST.  Members can choose to attend either session.)

  • Question: When will the office hours be held?

    Answer: Office hours will be announced at the beginning of each week and times will rotate so that all members will have an opportunity to attend.

  • Question: When will co-working sessions happen?

    Answer: Primary co-working sessions will happen on Tuesday at 11:00am - 1:00pm EST and Thursdays at 4:30pm EST - 6:30pm EST.

    Additional sessions will be offered at varying times and will be announced at the beginning of each week.

    Note: Some of these additional sessions may feature a guest facilitator.

  •  Question: Do I have to attend all co-working, mastermind & office-hour sessions?

    Answer: No, absolutely not. Multiple sessions are offered for the convenience of club members. You may attend as many or as few of each type of session as you would like.

  • Question: Will there be a private Facebook Group?

  • Answer: No, we will not have a FB Group. To better ensure everyone's privacy we will be using an app called "Signal" to communicate with each other directly. It can be downloaded from the app store on your mobile device.

  • Question: Can I receive a refund if I'm not happy with the program?

  • Answer: Yes. You can obtain a no questions asked, full refund within 7-days of your purchase.

    The program will auto-renew every 3 months from the date you join. There are no-refunds after the initial 7-day period.

    However, you may cancel at any time if you no longer want to participate in the program and will not be billed furthered.  

    Note: Members joining on or before December 3rd will renew starting March 31, 2023 and then every 3 months thereafter. 
Ready To Join The Club?

Only $197.00 for the full quarter 
(Or 3 Payments of $100 per month)

Have a question not answered here? Just send me an