Break All The Rules And Find The COURAGE
to be Seen

Are you ready to finally break free from all the chains holding you back? To be free from feeling invisible and stuck? Grab this guide to set yourself free!

Based on my book the "Ten Principles of Visibility" this guide will help you let go of your limiting beliefs, own your strengths & differences and gain the courage to be seen as your beautiful authentic self!

This Guide Shares 3 principles of Visibility that can help you change that . . .

Increasing your visibility and sharing your authentic self is the key to overcoming impostor syndrome, attracting more of your ideal clients and growing a business you love.  And this guide is designed to help you begin your journey!

  • Begin to identify and let go of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. 
  • Find the courage to be seen using the "Ten Principles of Visibility."
  • Discover how to own your strengths and differences so you can be more comfortable in your own skin and say goodbye to impostor syndrome.

" The problem today is that too many women business owners over 50 feel invisible and are afraid to put themselves out there, so they fail to attract their idea clients or grow a business they love. "

Pam Hamilton

Mindset & Visibility Expert

Find The Courage To Be Seen And Let 
Authentic Visibility Change Your Life!

This guide will introduce you to the ten principles of visibility, share some tips to help you implement them and much more. Just enter your name and best email below to get started.

What Customers Are Saying

Fran Watson -
Career Coach

Pam helped me to be willing to put my face and my name on camera.  Now I am more confident when being online with Zoom sessions.

Lorraine Durnford Hill 
Parent Coach

Pam is an amazing coach. She shares her own journey and expertise to help others on their journey. Each week in Pam's Masterclasses she challenges us to take a least one step forward, encouraging us to set up achievable unique goals.

Emma Laurence - Burnout Coach

Hi Pam, I want to let you know that your Crushing Lies webinar had a decisive impact. With a shift in mindset towards greater truth, obstacles quickly cleared out on the inside, making room for more expansion on the outside. And I know this is just a beginning. I feel like I can breathe.

Barbara Portmann - Healer

Very quickly, Pam was able to zero in on the two main stumbling blocks that were holding me back! There were so many bite-sized nuggets of support, that my issue no longer seemed so scary! 

Pam's positive and gentle ways during the session, gave me new hope, and renewed the thought in me that I was "worth it" and that no matter at what point in life one is at, there is always something we can do to move forward!