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Creating A Morning Routine


I’m in the process of trying to create a better morning routine for myself.  I realize that the one I have really isn’t working for me.  And, I’ll admit thoughts of just skipping the whole thing has crossed my mind more than once.

I mean what’s with the morning routine fad, right?  Just get up and do what you gotta do.  Except, I started the whole “create a morning routine”, because that wasn’t really working for me either.  But, what is it that makes a morning routine so great, I mean what’s the point?

Then I read this really great article by Bryan Ye. It might actually be the best article I’ve ever read on creating a morning routine.  And, more importantly WHY, you might want to create one. He starts off with real talk, saying.

I was hesitant to write about morning routines because I’ve read a lot about them, and many articles appear to be written by people who have no experience with morning routines whatsoever. It’s almost a cultural meme. Get a morning routine and change your life. Sounds like bullshit.

I knew exactly what he meant, and I agreed. So I had to go ahead and read the whole article. It was worth it. In fact I loved it so much, I’m sharing it with you now.

The creation of my morning routine didn’t arise from a desire to “be more productive”. It was the opposite: my life was in chaos.

So says Bryan Ye, as he lays out the real reason so many successful people have morning routines. And, how to create one that works for you. The article gave me fresh inspiration and the determination to give creating one that works for me another go.

If you’ve been thinking about creating a morning routine. This is the article to read.


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