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Every Setback is a Setup for a Comeback (You can overcome any setback or obstacle)

A few years back I celebrated my sixtieth birthday. I threw myself a big birthday party and lots of my friends and family came. And lots of them marveled at how good I was doing.

I wasn’t surprised. . . I had overcome over a decade of struggling with health issues. And, I was in less pain than I had been in years. I felt strong and energetic. In a word I felt great! Plus my business was flourishing. Life was just good.

I Had A Major Setback

Then Covid-19 hit. And the world shutdown.

Suddenly, I couldn’t go to Tai Chi class or workouts anymore. I couldn’t go to pain management. I couldn’t go to my office. Heck, in the beginning, I couldn’t even get water for my CPAP machine.

But, it was only supposed to be for two weeks. I could survive two weeks . . . then it was six weeks . . . then, well you know that story. Almost three years later and the world is only beginning to emerge from that disaster.

I lost some of the strength and vitality I had gained. And, I almost let depression set in.


I could have lost my mojo dealing with this setback that felt so out of control. But, I didn’t. I’m a firm believer that everything that happens in my life is happening for my benefit.


Even the things that feel really awful when it’s happening. I know if I stop and pay attention, there’s a lesson in it, a new opportunity, or removal of some karmic debt I’ve been carrying and maybe even struggling under.

There’s something there for my benefit. I just needed to flip the switch and take my power back. I needed to look at the situation in a new light.

Reframing the Situation

I’m a big fan of trains. I even had a hobby railroad as a kid, and well, as an adult too. ?
And one of the cool things with trains is that you can change tracks in an instant. You just push the lever called a “switch” and the train will leave one set of tracks and go onto a complete different set of tracks.

You can do that in your life too. It’s called reframing.

It’s what I did during the Pandemic. Instead of going “woe is me”, and going down the victim track, I flipped the switch and took my power back. I asked myself what is the benefit for me here?

And then I acted on the opportunity I discovered lurking in the shadows.

Take Some Action

Once you’re in a more positive state of mind, it’s time to deal with your obstacle or setback. You need to start thinking of ideas that let you move forward. Try to list 20 possible ways you could deal with the situation.

They don’t have to all be ideal or even realistic. It just has to get you thinking in a positive way about how to resolve the situation, or get on with your goals in spite of it.

Then go do it! Take some action and do something that will help.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If you have an action plan, or at least some ideas you think might work, but don’t know which option is best, talk to someone you trust like a coach, mentor, or other trusted advisor. Share what you’re working on and then ask for their advice.

If you don’t have an official mentor don’t let that stop you. Even an imaginary conversation with someone you trust can help. For example if you’re a big Oprah fan, then ask her the question.

Close your eyes, imagine the two of you in a conversation and ask. Then listen to what she has to say. You’ll be amazed how much your mind can channel your inner Oprah when you’re willing to listen!

Facing an obstacle is never easy. But you can overcome anything that life throws at you with the right attitude and a solid action plan.

That’s why I’m offering you a free  “Comeback from Setback” Workbook to help you discover how to walk through a crisis, what it takes to start your life over, and how to tap into your inner power.

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