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Increase Your Visibility: A strong Client Attracting Message Gets More Eyes On You!

A Client-Attracting Message can draw the right types of client prospects to you like a magnet!

A good client attracting message lets you get more of the right eyes on you faster and easier than just about anything else I can think of. In fact it's generally the missing piece when you're struggling to get and keep clients.

Listen as I talk a little more about it in this quick video below . . .

If you’re a part of my community, you know I always say invisible businesses are failing businesses! You have to find the courage to be seen in order to grow your business. And, one of the ways to increase your visibility and grow a business you actually love is to create a strong client attracting message.

Because here’s the thing, visibility is crucial . . . but you don’t need to be visible to the whole world! You just need to be visible to the right people . . . to your people, to the people who are your ideal clients. Building a business you love is all about doing work you love with people you love working with or for.

The right message will allow you do that by helping you create authority, audience and sales.

Here’s what I mean by that . . .

Gina was a small business coach for women. She helped clients transition from employee to successful business owner. So she knew there were many women who needed and even wanted her services. But she still had trouble attracting clients. And, when she did find a client, a lot of times they weren’t a good fit. Which often left both her and her client feeling frustrated and a little defeated.

She was eventually advised to create a client-attracting message. This is a specific message that’s designed to strongly appeal to your ideal client. And when you do it right it resonates with your potential client and they self-identify. So you get the right kind of leads with the potential to become happy clients who enjoy working with you and gladly pay your premium rates.

Taking that advice, Gina created a client-attracting message. She called it “From 9-5 to Owning It” This message resonated with the types of people she wanted to work with. Suddenly she was getting her dream clients. And, those new clients were referring her to even more clients. And, that made her income start to steadily spiral upward without having to do a bunch of extra marketing tasks.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

That’s why I encourage my clients to figure out who they really want to work with, what the problem is that person has and what the results is the person will get from working with them. Because, then they can create a message that gets their potential client’s attention.

If you haven’t done it yet, here are a few reasons to design your own client-attracting message.

Reason #1: Keep Your Client Pipeline Full

Does this feel familiar? You check your email and messages to find that no potential clients are reaching out to you. You don’t have any new discovery calls booked and you just can’t seem to find any traction in your coaching business. You’re constantly trying to chase clients with all the different marketing tactics like Facebook Ads, Instagram Stories or dancing on TikTok!

At this point you’re feeling tired and worn out, but you’re still stuck on the marketing hamster wheel with not much to show for it.

With a client-attracting message, you don’t have to spend all of your time marketing or chasing the latest shiny new tactic promising you mega leads and high-conversion rates. Instead, you get to focus on creating content that truly helps your audience and that you can feel good about sharing.

While this might sound like a dream, it’s entirely possible. With the right message shared with the right audience, you can stop chasing your latest client and simply wait for them to show up!

Reason #2: Bring In Clients You Love

Another advantage of having a client-attracting message is that you can begin to attract clients you love. If you’re like me, you have an ideal client that you love serving and nurturing. But, I know in the beginning, I took on any client that came my way. Is that where you are?

The problem is when you do that is that you end up working with people who aren’t a good fit. So you’re unhappy, the client is unhappy, and the transformation 

you wanted to give simply isn’t happening. Which makes you frustrated and causes you to doubt yourself. This isn’t why you decided to become a coach, right.

But with the right message, you can tweak it to appeal to your ideal audience. For example, when Tina first created her message about moving from being an employee to a business owner, she knew it was for women . . .

But, within a few weeks, she noticed that she loved working with serviced based business owners the most. So she quickly adjusted her message to appeal to that audience. Now she was not only sharing a message that she was deeply passionate about, she was helping transform the lives of clients she truly cared for.

It’s important to understand that who you love serving will impact how and where you deliver your client-attracting message. If you’re a business coach, you’ll use certain words in your message if your audience is millennial women who want to be freelance service providers. But if you decide your audience is six-figure male executives who are looking to find a new job, then the tone and wording you use in your message will be entirely different.

Reason #3: Embrace Your Premium Price

When you have a client-attracting message, you can position yourself as a premium coach in your industry. This means that you’ll be able to charge premium rates and find clients who will happily pay it. That’s because a good client-attracting message addresses a pain point for your audience. The pain point you’ve selected should be so uncomfortable that your potential clients are eager for a solution.

Keep in mind that what’s considered premium pricing will differ depending on your audience. You might find it easier to charge more if your audience is primarily made of childless married women with dual incomes than if your audience is broke single moms. The first group may not even blink at $497 coaching program, but the second might only be willing to pay $97 for access to you. This doesn’t mean that one audience is better or worse than the other. It simply means that their definition of a “premium” service might be very different.

The most important thing is that you get to charge the premium price in your industry whatever that is. And, you get a steady pipeline of potential clients willing to pay it.

Reason #4: Build Programs Your Clients Really Want

Maybe you already have a coaching program or two under your belt. You’ve offered the program before but found it wasn’t what your clients wanted or needed. Now you’re stuck and wondering how to move forward. With a client-attracting message, it will become obvious what program your clients need. Then you can design it to support them as they go forward and reach their goals with your guidance.

For example, if you have a client-attracting message about moving from an employee to owning a business, then your program might naturally be centered around things like time management and daily tasks for creating and running a business on the side, or scaling your side hustle to replace your “day job” income. Or it could be about day-to-day operations and management, marketing, or simply learning to think like a CEO rather than an employee. And each of those areas would be relevant.
But, which one is your potential client truly looking for?

Your client-attracting message can have your potential clients telling you exactly what they need or want. For example, you might help new entrepreneurs with their marketing and have clients ask you for a program that teaches them how to create a marketing strategy and outsource these tasks so they’re free to focus on what matters. Once you’ve created your message, simply tune-in when potential clients start talking about what they need or wish they had. You might just spot your next program idea!

Reason #5: Get More Referrals

For many years I suffered with symptoms from a painful autoimmune disease called fibromyalgia. And one of the things I learned early on is that getting a massage could help with the pain or it could make it immeasurably worse. It depended on whether the masseuse understood how to work on the muscles of someone with that condition or not, because certain techniques were simply just a no!

So when I moved from Brooklyn, to a new home in upstate NY I was looking for a referral to a good masseuse. But, I didn’t want a general practitioner. I wanted one that specialized in working with people who had fibromyalgia.

Just like with my search for a masseuse, your potential clients want someone who specializes in a specific area. It’s not enough to be a small business coach. You want to be known for doing one thing and doing it well. So maybe you help working mothers make the transition to service-based online business ownership, or show new business owners how to market their business on a shoestring budget.

It’s easy to get referrals when people know what you stand for and deliver to your clients. If you become popular enough in your industry, you can even build a waiting list of potential new clients. This means that every time you’re ready to work with someone new, you can simply put the word out to your waiting list and see who shows up.

A Good Client-Attracting Message Is a Visibility Magnet

A client-attracting message can be a game-changer for your visibility. It gives you the credibility and authority you need to get the right eyeballs on you . . . the potential clients that want what you have to offer, and who you want to work with. And, that’s just good for business!

But if you’ve never created one before then you might struggle to figure out exactly what your message is. The good news is I can help. I’ve created a complimentary short planner that will walk you through the steps of creating your client-attracting message. Download it here!

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