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Your Mindset Is Having Its Way With Your Business!

Your mindset is having it's way with your business.

Many would be entrepreneurs and small business owners hear the word mindset and immediately think too “woo woo” I don’t need that! I have to figure out how too . . . whatever, the latest thing is you think you need to do to get your business to work the way you want it to. You fill in the blank.

But the reality is that every business owner needs to have the right mindset to grow their business. Everything from how much you earn to how wonderful your customer service is depends on your mindset. It supports and guides almost every part of your business. So yeah . . . your mindset is most certainly having its way with your business. Is it doing it a good way though.  Is it in a way that will help you take your business to where you want to go?

Ask yourself these simple questions to determine how your mindset business is influencing your mindset right now

Does Your Mindset Inspire Confidence?

Think about when you’re about to take on a new client or start a project, what are your normal thought patterns about it? Do you immediately begin envisioning and planning for the worst case scenario? Are you thinking stuff like, “Why the heck and I doing this? It’s no use? This potential client is going to instantly recognize how much of a fraud I am, I don’t really have any talent to help her, and she’s going to pissed that I’ve wasted her time.” When your normal thought process sounds like that, you have a mindset that lacks confidence.

But, what if you could change your thoughts? Suppose you were to flip the script, decide to be positive, “This new prospect is going to fall in love with my skill set. She’s going to be an amazing addition to my client list. I can’t wait to work on our first project together.”

I know it’s easy to say ‘be positive’, isn’t it? It’s just seems so much more complex to start doing it, right? But I also know you can do it. And when you do, you’re going to notice a real difference in not just how many new clients you sign up, but in the kind of clients you attract.

Will Your Mindset Support You In Trying Out New Opportunities?

A big part of growing your business is stretching yourself regularly. When an opportunity to challenge your limits and do something outside of your comfort zone comes along, do you say things like, “I can’t do live video streaming. I don’t have the personality for it. I’d love to host a webinar on this topic but I’m not techy enough.”

It’s true that you don’t have to participate in every new business trend that pops up. But if you let your doubts keep you from doing anything challenging, you’re going to miss out on the fun of discovering something new. And, more importantly, at some point you will be left behind. Because if you’re not growing you’re standing still. And, eventually your competition is going to past you by.

I thought I’d never be able to do something like Facebook Live. It was imitating to say the least. And it meant stepping way outside my comfort zone, and being on camera and learning some tech stuff to boot. Yet, I tried it anyway. And, you know what . . .? I liked it! Now I do a Facebook Live every week!

What if instead of listing all the reasons you can’t do something new, you said things like, “I’ll try video streaming three times. After the third video, I’ll evaluate my interest.”  If you’d love to host a webinar and don’t have enough technical expertise, why not hire a virtual assistant to support you?  Start practing ways to train your mindset to support you with new experiences. You’ll be surprised about all the things you discover you like to do and, are really good at.

Is Your Mindset Crying Out For Work You Love?

You may not realize it but your mindset plays a big role in the projects you accept and the clients you work with. When you see a new project from one of your clients, what are your first thoughts? Do you feel disappointed and think, “Oh Great. Another boring project from that client that makes me track him down every time it’s time for me to get paid. Or, here’s another message from that other client that wants to add yet another “one more tweak to his already bloated project.” Maybe, you even use much harsher descriptive words . . . We’ve all been there. Sometimes, we take on projects and clients simply because we have to pay the bills. But if you dread seeing your clients’ names pop up in your inbox, that’s no way to make a living.

Deep down, your heart is trying to tell you something. And, it’s something you probably know already . . . you’re longing to do work that matters to you . . . work that you can get excited about. Imagine seeing a new project come in from a client and thinking, “Oh, wow. I can’t wait to get started on this! I love this type of project. It really lets me show off my skills.” Your heart is begging you to work in your zone of genius!

But your mindset will have to let go of the idea that money is a limited resource that you don’t have enough of. If you don’t you will have a really hard time trying to convince yourself to stop taking on clients and projects that you know aren’t a good fit. You’ll always feel like you need to accept the money just so you can pay the bills.

Does Your Mindset Overcome Obstacles?

An obstacle can either be the worst thing that ever happened to your business or it can be the best thing that ever happened to your business. It depends on your mindset. When you encounter an obstacle, you may think, “Well, this is it. I’ve gone as far as I can go on the success ladder. I’ll never be able to overcome this problem. I guess, it wasn’t meant to be.”

But that kind of thinking comes from an ‘I’m a victim to circumstances’ mindset that obstacles cannot be defeated. The mindset to cultivate instead is ‘I’m an overcomer!’ It allows you to acknowledge obstacles while knowing that they can be beaten. You might think, “This setback may slow me down, but I’ll find a way around it and come back stronger than ever.”

What Successful Business Owners Know About Mindset

Successful business owners know that mindset is the key to unlocking their potential and earning more than they ever thought possible. Most importantly, they know they can mold and shape their mindset.

As you improve your way of thinking, you’ll make subtle adjustments in your life and business. You will start to have the confidence to say “no” to clients and projects that aren’t a good fit and embrace the ones that are. You will make decisions that are in line with who you want to be and what you want your brand to represent. You’ll become the best version of yourself.

A good place to start is by reading Are These 6 Lies Are Crushing Your Business Dreams. In this short guide, you’ll build awareness about areas of faulty thinking that hold you back.

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