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What’s The Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

Exchanging business advice over coffee


We all get and give advice about running our businesses all the time. But not all advice is good advice. And, some advice stands head and shoulders above the rest. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about running your business?

I really wanted to know so I asked a few of my friends and colleagues. Here’s what they had to say.

Priyanka Lalwani Says:

I come from a culture of people pleasing, over – sharing and obeying. Doing whatever you love to do often requires permission from your loved ones especially if you are not financially independent. And they think they can determine whether it is worth it for you to proceed in that direction not you. The advice that I am referring to and the one which changed my life, also instilled a lot of belief in myself and propelled my career as a Bollywood Music Producer.

And the advice was to avoid asking for permission to be an artist from everyone around me. While trying to figure out why I wanted to be an artist, I learnt that just like the world needs doctors and engineers, it needs artists. It needs me! How cool is that to hear as an artist?

It took me a few minutes to let that advice sink deep into my gut. And once that happened, it was magic! This advice helped me to know what lifestyle I was hoping to live in my next decade as an artist. Once I learnt that, this advice helped me plant the first seeds for my business.

My desires are also worthy. I didn’t need to wait and seek permission from anyone. The idea that I could offer something of value as an artist and be paid for it was a huge AHA moment for me.

The beginnings were really tough but I worked hard. This advice and the self – belief which came with it, propelled my music career in Bollywood films which are now available on Amazon Prime to watch. The deep dive search for my ‘why’, helped me realize that artists are really valuable in today’s ecosystem as we have this superpower of closely observing and expressing our observations with the world, most of the times without any sugar-coating. Do you know how tough that is to do especially for some analytical minds? I came across thousands of geeky people in the Silicon Valley after that who have so much trouble understanding what’s going on in their monkey mind and saw them get transformed through my consultations about their creative path forward.

Personally, this advice really helps me each day to really take chances for myself in small steps. It helps me be courageous and fearless.

Priyanka is a Bollywood Music Producer, Marketer & Influencer in San Francisco. She bagged an Akademia Award (Best Song) and a radio interview on 1550AM for her debut song,’Na Jaane’.  As a coach, Priyanka has taught music lessons, artist development and marketing to artists and non – creative people in person and online.  And as a music composer, she recently wrapped up composing music for a Short Film called “The Strange Guest” which can be watched on Amazon Prime. Learn more about Priyanka on her website or follow her on Instagram.

When my friend and Mentor Kelly McCausey said she was in as a contributor to this article, I couldn’t wait to see what the best advice she ever received was.

Kelly McCausey Says:

Way back in 2003 I launched the first ever internet radio show for work at home moms. The following year, podcasting was born and I was the only WAHM podcast on earth. I loved being the only one – but that wouldn’t stand for long. In fact, the most well known WAHM expert on earth started a podcast within the next year and I fell apart emotionally. I thought, this is it. I’m toast. She’s going to blow me out of the water and I’ll be last year’s news.

My friend Alice Seba gave me the best advice. Don’t pay so much attention to what your competitors are doing. They’ll always be there and they’ll never be you.

I shook myself out of my tantrum and returned my focus to MY thing. Best advice and best choice ever because in actuality, her podcast never caused mine a bit of concern or loss of audience.

Kelly McCausey is a business and mindset coach serving up great content and opportunities to connect at Love People + Make Money.

Sadie Smiley Says:

The best advice she ever received was “Keep your hand in multiple pots” – meaning don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

I learned early on to have multiple streams of income. When everyone is freaking out about their income tanking, mine only goes down a bit because I have several sources. While this was originally out of necessity – I would’ve gone broke had my income source been solitary – now I do it because having multiple income streams has helped me increase my $$ at an extraordinary rate!

Sadie is a serial blogger.  Visit Sadie’s site where she hosts her best tips for making money online. She’s passionate about writing loves to travel and explore new places with her husband and teenagers by her side!

Each of these amazing women received powerful advice for running their business and used it to help them get where they wanted to go.  Whether it was a shift in perspective that helped them value themselves and their journey more, or something more practical and down to earth, it helped them get to where they are today.

We each need something different on our journey to success. For me, as a recovering attorney, in a profession where everything is overly complicated; my best advice came from Kelly McCausey herself.

The Best Advice I Received:

I spent years saying I was going to build an online course and start an online business. But, it always seemed like a crazy hard endeavor.  There was so many moving parts and things to learn. And, of course, true to my profession, I could always be counted on to make it harder.

Then Kelly asked the right question . . . “But, what if it were easy?” Meaning what would this look like if you just made it easy on yourself, kept it simple, instead of super complicated.

Now, I’m well on my way to creating the online business I’ve dreamed of for so long. And, I ask myself at every road block, how could this be easy.

Maybe some of the advice on this page could help your business too!

Pam Hamilton, is a mindset and visibility coach helping small business owners and solopreneuers manage their mindset so they can  build a business they love. Grab my free guide for 5 tips on increasing your visibility this week.

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  1. Wanda

    One of the words of wisdom, I often remind myself is that little by little adds up. Often times we focus on big and fast results but I’m learning to appreciate the small imperfect actions I make.

  2. Tishia Lee

    Loved reading this post and all the best advice they received. For me there’s been a couple times I received what was best advice for me but I’ll pick just one to share.

    Kelly McCausey is one of my closest friends but also my business coach and she asked me:

    “If not now. When?
    “If not you, then who?”

    Those questions came after some more excuses for why I wasn’t doing something in biz, I said I would do, and also after admitting being “scared” of putting myself out there to share my story, speak, etc.

    I have these questions on a sticky note… I think I need to stick it back on my computer so I see it every day ?

    • Pam

      I hear you loud and clear Tishia Lee! I’ve been there many times. I’m so glad you’re ready to share it now!

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