Small Things Matter

Small Things Matter

By Pam

October 1, 2020

Have you ever noticed that newer computers don’t even have the”cents” sign on it anymore? You have to actually write the word out,like a penny isn’t money.

It says a lot about our society, we’re constantly over looking the small things to go after the big ones. Did you know if you could double a penny everyday for 30 days you would have over 5 Million Dollars?!

The Little things count especially when it comes to building a business; Things like outstanding customer service, quality products, and standing behind your product lead to big money results faster & more reliability than any get rich scheme ever will.



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Pam Hamilton

Speaker|Author| Coach

About the Author

Pam Hamilton is an Author, Speaker and Coach helping impact driven womenpreneurs over 50, find the courage to be seen, so they can increase their visibility, attract more of their ideal clients and grow a business they love. 

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