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This is an excellent post from the one and only Michelle Garrett of Divas With a Purpose.

I’m always talking about mindset and how import it is to finding the courage to be seen. It’s the first step to being able to actually increase your visibility.

But, increase your visibility for what? Is it to create a thriving business, or live the kind of lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of? What’s your end goal? Those don’t have to be separate goals though. I started my business so I could live my dream lifestyle. It’s all connected for me.

The key is knowing that information, is just as important as finding your courage. So I loved this post from
Michelle where shares 10 wonderful tips to help you live your best life.

What’s important to remember is: No matter what your dreams, no matter what your circumstances, you CAN change your life’s path by making small changes. These small changes to live your best life compound over time to produce amazing results, without taking a tremendous amount of time out of your daily routine.

According to Michelle, you can live your best life just by learning to embrace small habits that support what you aspire to. And, I couldn’t agree more.

Ten Tips That Will Help You Live Your Best Life

  • Decide what you want to be and plan the steps to get there
  • Practice Habit Stacking or Multitasking
  • Incorporate the 2 minute rule
  • Make Clear Boundaries
  • Identify as the person you want to be in your best life
  • Find Your Community & join them to further sink into your identity
  • Get Back On The Wagon Immediately if You Slip
  • Set A Concrete Goal For A Certain Number of Days And Don’t break the chain
  • Choose Concrete Goals Instead of Abstractions
  • If You Start Too Big, Don’t Give Up, make Your Tiny Habit Even Smaller

I’m a firm believer in all 10 of these tips – (well not so much multi-tasking, but definitely habit stacking), and their ability to make your life better by practicing them regularly.

I invite you to check out the full article today and learn more about How These Ten Tips Can Help You Start To Live Your Best Life Right Now.


Curated, Michelle D. Garrett


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Pam Hamilton is a mindset and visibility coach who's serious about helping women over 50 get past the mindset hurdles that keep them invisible and playing small. She does this with her signature "Practicing the Ten Principles of Visibility and "Mindset Reset" coaching programs so you can finally find the courage to seen and achieve the success breakthrough you want and deserve. Visit: BuildingVisibility.com/gift to grab your Free Visibility Journal.

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