7 Books That Will Help You Create A Positive Mindset, Increase Your Visibility and Reach Your Goals

While reading a book alone won’t help you achieve your goals, change your mindset or increase your visibility, the books I’ve listed below can certainly help you on your journey if you apply the things you learn. These are all books I’ve read, used at some point in my own journey and that I believe they will help you too.

Here Are 7 Books I Highly Recommend

The Big Leap book how to make the leap to the life of your dreams

1. The Big Leap

By Gay Hendricks

This book says it all right on the front cover. It helped me look at time differently, reexamine some preconcieved notions I had about myself; and most importantly to stop settling and take the big leap into my zone of genius!

Available On Amazon. 

Atomic Habits - How to change your life one small habit at a time

2. Atomic Habits

By James Clear

One of the hardest parts of creating lasting changes is the ability to change your habits; to break the bad ones and create good ones. This book changed that for me. It provided a blueprint for using small changes to create massive impact in my life and business.

Available on Amazon.

Wishcraft Book - How to get what you really want

3. Wishcraft

By Barbara Sher

This was one of the first books I read, back in the original hardcover version, that really showed me that anything you envisioned for yourself was possible. In fact you could plan for it and make it happen one small step at a time. 

Available on Amazon.

4. Get Past Your Shit

Kelly McCausey, Pam Hamilton, et al

This book is actually a compilation of nineteen imperfect people who did the inner and outer work to change their lives. Reading this book and the stories from all the individual authors will help you see that you can change your life for the better no matter where you're starting from.
And, yes . . . you'll read my story too.
Available on Amazon

Getting to Plan B - Create a plan that actually works for launching or growing a business

5. Getting to Plan B

By John Mullins & Randy Komisar

I've always had a problem with the business plan traditionally required by banks and such.  It just seemed like a lot of guess work. This book is a real eye-opener to a way more effective way to plan and launch or grow a business. 

Available on Amazon

The Courage to be Rich - discover what's really holding you back from a life of abundance and how to fix it.

6. The Courage to be Rich

By Suze Orman

This is not your typical financial book. I loved this book because it was the first to make me delve into my relationship with money. It made me look at how I felt about it and the ways I unconsciously and sometimes consciously repelled it in my life. And it helped me find the courage to begin the journey to change that. 

Available on Amazon.

7. The Ten Principles of Visibility

Pam Hamilton

This is my newest book. It shares the ten principles I used to help me go from invisible and afraid to confident and seen. And, I know these same principles can help you on your journey to visibility too.  

Available on Amazon.

These seven books have helped me tremendously in changing my mindset from one based in fear and negativity to one based on love and positivity. They’ve helped me look at myself clearly and to continually move forward in the direction of my dreams. This is why I’m recommending them to you.

And, of course, I’d love to hear your feedback.



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About the Author

Pam Hamilton is a mindset and visibility coach who's serious about helping women over 50 get past the mindset hurdles that keep them invisible and playing small. She does this with her signature "Practicing the Ten Principles of Visibility and "Mindset Reset" coaching programs so you can finally find the courage to seen and achieve the success breakthrough you want and deserve. Visit: BuildingVisibility.com/gift to grab your Free Visibility Journal.

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